Monday 13 July 2015

How to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way!

Following a diet will make you think of food all day.

Any diet which excludes entire food groups (e.g. meat, carbohydrates etc.) is a bad idea, at any age. Anyway, diets and counting calories make you think of food all day, apart from the fact that for the human metabolism not all calories are equal. Not helpful. To lose weight in a sustainable way better follow a few simple ASSSS rules:

 - Have a comprehensive breakfast with foods that take time to digest (e.g. egg, wholemeal bread, sausages or an egg, but eat fruit, too).

- If you get hungry during the day, then eat, but avoid high-carb snacks! You can even eat some nuts or heavy stuff like cheese, but don’t eat them in the evening (they add pounds).

- When you eat, eat consciously! That means: sit down at a table and concentrate on the food. Don’t eat while watching television or while playing on a computer etc.
- Chew every bite at least 38 times.
- Eat little in the afternoon, avoid eating at night.
- Avoid everything that is sweet, because sweet things make you hungry. The exclusion also covers artificial sweeteners (farmers use artificial sweeteners to fatten pigs).
- Avoid light carbo-hydrates (pizza, pasta, chips, ketchup) and avoid all snacks.
- No sweet drinks, either.
- Drink lots of water (that fills your stomach and slows down your digestion).
- Eat raw fruit and vegetables (raw food takes longer to digest).

- Add cinnamon to your meals to burn belly fat!
- Less processed foods (e.g. wholemeal sourdough bread) are preferable over more processed foods (e.g. white toast).
- Avoid all alcoholic beverages (they have many calories).
- Built exercise into your daily life: walk up the stairs instead of taking the lift, practise some press ups in front of the telly, … ideally you should also practise some endurance sport (with activities lasting over 45min), like cycle touring, nordic walking, swimming or zumba.
- Avoid busses and cars. Walk instead or travel by bike.

You will feel great, not only because you will lose weight, but also because you will do more exercise and eat a quality diet. This will have a positive impact on intestinal flora, which will help against cravings.